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La Muralla Roja

Accommodation near the sea, salt flats and the mountains. This magnificent apartment is located in the municipality of Calp in the Valencian Community  above the Manzanera cove where the waves of the Mediterranean end up at the cliff of La Manzanera and at the foot of the most emblimatic building in Spain - La Muralla Roja. In this loft we guarantee a special, orderly, pleasant, select and unique atmosphere to our clients. In general what we have achieved with all this, is a set of qualities for our guests to enjoy a simple, homely and unforgettable stay.

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Breakfast Lounge - Best place to start the day inside the Loft.

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Petite Terrace - Best place to start the day outside the Loft.

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Gran Terrace - Best place in the morning to work outside the Loft.

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